Fu-Fong Junior High School

No.326,Yan-ping Rd,Taoyuan City,Taoyuan County,33069,Taiwan,ROC

  • Introduction of the principal: LI-Chang Jong, the present principal, acquired his master degree in the Faculty of Education from National Cheng-Chi University. Mr. Jong has been a principal for 18 years and he received the Shi Duo prize in School Administration of Tao-Yuan City in 2004.
  • Educational Belief: Students are the main character of education. Based on the concept of “Students First; Teaching First,” our education policy focuses on designing activities which will help students strengthen their ability in how to get along with people, to get things done, to learn subjects well and to adjust to future living.
  • Organization and Staff:
    Title Number
    Principle 1
    Director 6
    Chief 13
    Homeroom Teacher 56
    Subject Teacher 45
    Staff 5
    School Nurse 1
    School Worker 5
    Security Guard 3
    Total 135
  • Educational Background of Teachers:
    Degree Number Percentage
    Graduate School and Post-Graduate 25 21.6﹪
    University 91 78.4﹪
    Total 116 100﹪
  • Age of Teachers:
    Age Number Percentage
    29 Below 28 26﹪
    30-39 49 46﹪
    40-49 35 23﹪
    50-59 4 5﹪
    60 Above 0 0﹪
    Average 35.5 100﹪
    Total 116 100﹪
    Sufficient Faculties
  • Funtional Classroom 1 Audio-visualclassroom,3 Computer classrooms, 3 Small-class specific classrooms,1 Language classroom ,2 Home Economics classrooms, 1 Cooking classroom,2 Music classrooms,2 Science classrooms, 2 Biology classrooms,1 Living Technology classrooms,4 Arts classrooms, 1 BBQ area,1 Aerobic classroom, 2 Counseling classrooms, 1 Scouts training classroom,1 Mattress Exercise classroom, one Archives, and 1 Entertainment room.

    These small-class specific classrooms provide teams for discuss and learning .

    Our e-library makes data throughout the world accessible.

    Our e-Science Laboratory makes doing experiments an interesting thing with good results.

    Increasing the unity for the classes, the BBQ Area is not only a place for the students to practice their cooking skills learned in scouts training, but also a place for the students and classes to associate.

    The new Language Classroom provides the students an excellent learning environment in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Class Information

Grade Class Number Number
Seventh Grade 18 640
Eighth Grade 19 688
Ninth Grade 19 681
Total 56 2009


Diversity Teaching Methods

Diversity teaching methods to increase students’ learning interests.

We held English-Song Contest during Christmas time.

Teachers keep learning about their specialized field and improve teaching abilities.

The Chinese Music Club of Shenzhen children's palace came here to communicate with our Chinese Music Club.

School Orchestra got good grades in Taiwan and Tao-Yuan County.

To carry out what students have learned through some curriculums outside the school to integrate all the courses.

We invite professional teachers to instruct the GEPT Club.

Students are excited to receive the rewards in the athletic games.

Invite the alumni and alumnae to come back to school and share their past studying experience with the present students.

Enthusiastic Parents

School Orchestra had an excellent performance on Orchestra Day, and parents particularly presented and gave praise.

Fu-Fong Volunteer Meeting—the students’ parents are very active in joining the school’s volunteer team and offer services.

Students’ Parents participated in the Competition of “A Tug of War”,and enjoyed the happy time with teachers and their children.

We invite some professional teachers to instruct the Gifted Mathematics Club.

Explained the different ways to enter the senior high schools to parents.

We are invited to perform in the activity of “Lantern Festival in Taoyuan”. Teachers and students’ parents all came and supported it.
Abundant Harvest
Forever Honor
Shou-Chie Ma,a graduate from our school, got full mark(300) in The Basic Competence Test for Junior High School Studnets

2006 performance in BC test: (19 classes, 651 graduates ): 33 graduates attended Wu-ling Senior High School, and 280 graduates attended public senior high schools.

High School Number
Wu-ling High School 33
Taoyuan High School 28
Chung-li High School 15
Nei-li High School 48
Yang-ming High School 47
Others High School 109
Total 280
  • Our school won the second prize in Reading Competition in Taoyuan
  • Our Chinese Music Club won the first prize in Northern Taoyuan .
  • School Orchestra won the second prize in Northern Taoyuan .


Our school was established in 1995. The first students came in 1998, and there are 60 classes. It was named Fu-Fong because of the neighborhood—Fu-lin and Da Fong li, and picked two words from them. The meaning of the Fu-Fong is “Acquire comprehensive knowledge before you bless others.”
Our school is 3.4 acres big and is behind the Taoyuan train station. It is near Jien-De Elementary School, and close to Chien-Kuo Junior High School, Yang-Ming and Chien-Shin Parks. The campus is well designed and built, so it is very easy to see the characteristics of the school buildings. There are also many beautiful trees and flowers in the school garden.
Based on our belief of “Acquire comprehensive knowledge before you bless others, we hope to educate the students to become the most competitive and modern citizens.


Brave to take duties / love to share

Students’ Profile
Diligence:study hard and actively
Honesty:Be honest and faithful
Respect:Be modest and polite

Teachers’ Profile
Profession:keep learning and teach based on a student’s ability
Models:set good examples and teach without prejudice
Innovation:upgrade teaching and never cease learning
Service:express love and develop good characters

Administrative’ Profile
Democracy:communicate without obstacles have common consensus
Excellence:innovate beliefs and create new opportunities
Enthusiasm:serve actively and give support on education
Management:perform professionally and manage effectively.

Parents’ Profile
Caring:educate children with love
Cooperation:interact with teachers
Learning:participate learning and being parents
Participation:Conformity resources and development school service

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  2. Telephone: 886-3-3669547
  3. Fax: 886-3-3758362